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My cat fell of the window from the second floor today.  With the current heat,  the window in the front is open and she would sit and walk on the windowsill now and then.  She was sitting there, when I accidentally banged on the window, which must have startled her.  Next thing I knew, she wasn't on the windowsill anymore but down on the ground.  By the time I got outside she had already entered next door's building trying to get somewhere inside.  I carried her back home, somewhat startled by her little adventure (she's an indoor-only cat).  She seems okay, but is limping slightly, so I'll have to keep an eye on her the following days.  At least it's not broken.  I don't think she'd be walking on it or jumping if it was. 
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] esteliel 

Have a wonderful day and another year filled with lots of smutty little elves !

Well Duh!

Feb. 1st, 2006 11:53 pm
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One of my colleagues actually thought I was an Eskimo.  She told me so while we were washing our hands in the ladies' room.  Here's how the conversation went :

c :  Can I ask you a dumb question ?
me : Yes go ahead (wondering what she's about to ask)
c : What's your nationality? 
me (looking at her warily)
c : no no I meant : "where are you from?"
me : Korea
c : Oh that's what I thought.  We (her and some other colleagues) had been discussing you and the others thought you were Chinese.  I thought you were an Eskimo. 
me (looking at her, not quite believing my ears)
c : Well yes I thought you were an Eskimo, because you often wear that sweater. 
me (thinking what sweater is she talking about)
c : Yes, you know the one from Canada with the dogs. 
me  (thinking that sweater!) : Oh I see, well no I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no I am definitely not an Eskimo.

And the sweater she's talking about is in fact a t-shirt, which I bought in Canada and yes there are husky's depicted on the front.  But I didn't realise that would make people think I was an Eskimo.

Anyway that's not the only stupid thing I ever heard. 

Another colleague once asked me if I ate dog. 

Oh my ... some people really can be dumb sometimes.

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I've managed to lock my own cellphone and now I cannot unlock it.  I've just sent an e-mail to my provider. 
Yes, go ahead, laugh all you want.  It is kinda funny in a way.  (well at least it still is at the moment)
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Princess Claire of Belgium gave birth to twin sons yesterday evening.  Their names will be announced later on today.
Something tells me they won't be named Elladan and Elrohir, or Elrond and Elros, or Fred and George, or ... (Although the latter might not be so inconceivable) *g*  
Ah well, I need to get going.  Must be off to work now.

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*head-desk-head-desk (repeat endlessly)*
Argh!  Damn! How could I have been so stupid and forgetful.  I've had the opportunity to download 10 songs or an entire album legally and for free every two months this year, courtesy of my internet provider.  But off course I kept forgetting about it until I recently mentioned it to my niece. 
So, 1 week ago I finally started downloading some random songs, ended up with a saldo of 10 credits.  (I need 99 credits per song or 999 credits for a whole album).  And after downloading those songs, I discovered an album I would so love to have (I own it's vinyl counterpart).  Well, I thought no big deal, I'll just wait for my credits to get back to 1000.  So this morning I have a look at the site; nope - no change in the amount of credits; still only 10 credits.  And then I see that this promotion only lasts until the end of this year. 
Argh ! Argh!
*hopes maybe her provider will extend the promotion with another year - crosses fingers*

Ai and my brain must look like swiss cheese (with lots of holes) at the moment. I was planning to go to town this afternoon, since I needed some photos to be printed. So off I am to the tram and once there I get on. I start checking my bag to see if I have everything I need. Guess what's missing... the film off course. Grrr! Well I got off the tram and went home. I'll get into town tomorrow, instead.
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It has been snowing this evening.  It started slowly around six o'clock and gradually it became worse.  Luckily, my niece and I were inside being warm and eating noodles at some kind of japanese fastfood.  But the view was awesome, especially with the wind blowing and the snowflakes flying horizontally.  Off course those who were outside struggling to get through would probably disagree, but I like to watch the snow fall.  There was even some snow on my terrace and I tried to lure my cat in the snow but she wasn't really in for it.  Pity she doesn't know what's fun. 

I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this evening.  The original version with subtitles off course.  There is a dubbed version as well, but that's more for the little kids, who don't understand english that well yet.  Oh and it is 'children allowed', which is the same as a G-rating I think.  I guess it's up to the parents to see whether their children can watch the movie or not, though I do admit that this one is quite gloomy and frightening sometimes, but I did not look away or hide under the covers at any moment (like I might have if I had been home alone). 

My niece asked me this evening if I watched Lost, so I told her I was taping it, since I cannot always watch on monday evening.  I also told her I had only watched the first two episodes upto now and still needed to see the other ones.  She asked me how I could just do that, since she just couldn't wait for monday evening to come and watch the next episode.  I said to her : 'discipline, girl, lots and lots of discipline'. *g*  This monday is the second last episode (actually they are two episodes each time) and a Lost-special before that. (I'm planning to watch it this weekend, maybe on sunday) And on monday the 5th of December we'll have the great finale : three hours of Lost. 

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Look who attended the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent last friday.

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Sep. 19th, 2005 10:47 pm
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So today they aired the first two episodes of LOST for the first time on the flemish television. I have taped it, since I had no time to see it tonight.

Oh and I nearly missed it too. I only noticed they were playing it tonight, because I had to buy the paper. And on the front page it read :
LOST = EXPEDITION ROBINSON (that's our version of Survivor) + TWIN PEAKS (never did see that one) + AN ICE-BEAR (oops, sorry that should be a Polar Bear, I think and no he's not on the rocks).

And of course, once I noticed the little add, I needed to check at what time of the day, it would be aired, thinking that with my luck, it would probably be at an hour when I was still at work. But no lucky me, it started at 21.00hr giving me plenty of time to get home and start programming the VCR.
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I went to see Kingdom of Heaven yesterday evening after work.  Very nice movie.  At first when it started, I feared it was going to be a little longwinded (or rather some scenes might be) but the story quickly got into the action part (which is what I prefer).   As for the romance, there was just enough for my taste, meaning not too much of it.  I liked Orli in the movie (drool).  He does look more mature with the beard and the extra pounds, though I liked him as Legolas or Paris or even as Will Turner as well.   Some of the battlescenes were a little gory, though these were shown in very quick flashes and it was kinda hard to tell what was exactly happening.  The battlescene in Jerusalem reminded me a little of Helm's Deep and Guy de Lusignac and his partner in crime Reynault, both reminded me somewhat of Agammemnon and his brother in Troy.  

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] esteliel

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Yesterday night was the premiere of the "last" Star Wars movie : Star Wars, Episode III : Revenge of the Sith.  The midnightscreening was a huge success: apparently more than 17.000 people attended the movie.  That's more people attending one screening than there are attending 4 screenings during a whole day for a 'regular big american production'   Earnings for one midnightscreening of Star Wars : about 112.000 Euro gross.  Compared to that Kingdom of Heaven 'only' made a mere 100.000 Euro in a whole day.   Not bad either, I would say.  Well I still have to go and see the movie.  'Kingdom of Heaven' that is.  And since I am not that big of a Star Wars fan I will probably just wait for the movie to get out on dvd and rent it at that moment.   A thought just crossed my mind : When the last LOTR-movie Return of The King came out in the movietheatres, they held a Marathon-session, showing all three movies one after the other.  And now I'm wondering whether they might do that for the Star Wars movies as well : all three or even all six movies.  Guess that would really make the die-hard fans go crazy. 

Last weekend I bought the first season of 'Charmed' on dvd.  I really love that show and was recently wondering when it would be out on dvd.  I did stumble onto it quite by accident.  I hadn't attended that particular shop since ages, actually I hadn't been shopping in town for ages either.  Before, I used to go window-shopping in town each and every weekend. 

On another note, I am going to Sweden with my niece, this summer (about 10 days) for the holidays.  Anybody having any recommendations as to (relatively cheap) accomodations, sightseeings, catering, ...  I went to Stockholm a few years ago with a group and stayed there for about 3 days, but we would like to go traveling about Sweden or at least a part of it.
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Went to an Upperdare-party last night at a colleague's house.   It was the first time I attended one. 

Had several good laughs.  lol
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Well I intended to write this entry yesterday evening since it all happened yesterday, but I was too tired. (still am now by the way)

So yesterday-morning I'm dragging myself off to work and when I arrive at the bus/tram-stop, the tram departs right in front of my eyes, but no worries since there's a bus and I jump on that one.  I take a seat and the ride goes ever so smoothly.  Suddenly the busdriver stops.  Huh?!  Why does he stop here? There's no busstop here and the traffic light is several metres ahead of us.   Come on! Come on! Get moving please, I am already running late for work as it is.  Finally the bus starts moving and then I realise what's been holding us up.  A barrier, a f***ing barrier, put up there to prevent the cardrivers from using the bus-lane.  See at the moment they have started the second phase of the rebuilding of the Ring, which means traffic-jams everywhere.  Public transportation has its own lanes so they can get around smoothly everywhere without too much hassle.   But the cardrivers get stuck in those trafficjams and off course some of them are too impatient and try to use the bus-lanes.  When that happens a barrier goes down.  Okay I can understand the reasoning, but surely not when people need to get to the office in time.   Anyway I did make it on time, it was around 8.57 and I have to be there before 9.00. 

The rest of the day went well and then I suddenly had the bright idea, to tackle a little project.  I'll quickly do this one and get it over with, I told myself.  Yeah right!  Oh the input in the computer didn't take that long, I used some copy and paste, but then the lay-out.  Jeezes?!  I have tried several times untill I finally got it right.  It was around 1930 when I left the office.  

Walking the distance from the office to the busstation, I get on the bus as it drives away.  Some moments later we turn around the corner to a busstop and there's a car parked right on the buslane.  The driver gets out and walks inside the building.  Meanwhile some chinese lady wants to get off the bus but the busdriver keeps the doors shut.  she goes to the front hoping to get off there, then he opens the back-doors.  She gets off the bus and we're all stuck in the bus since the driver makes no move to depart.  A few moments later the cardriver gets out of the building and as he walks over to his car, the busdriver starts the bus and drives along the car, ripping of the leftside mirror and nearly crushing the guy's toes.   He looks at the damage, comes up to the bus and says to the busdriver: "You're gonna pay for this"
"Nope" said the busdriver "You are going to pay".  So they both start to make calls, to whomever it is and there's a police-station just around the corner.   So I'm sitting there waiting and turning backwards now and then to see if another bus passes by which can take me home as well.  Yes! there it is and I run off the bus together with two other girls, wave at the driver who is nice enough to stop a few metres ahead.  I jump on the bus  and thank her.  The rest of the ride goes smoothly, I go to the library and return the cd's I rented and go to the local burgerrestaurant for a burger and some fries. 

Then I finally head home.  I open my letterbox and find the usual trash  (publicity and so) and an envelope from the company I work at.  I know it cannot be my resignation, as it is not registered mail, but still I am a little apprehensive.  We've had some new rules at work, like a dress-code and other stuff.  So maybe it's to tell me my clothing doesn't fit company standards?  Arriving upstairs, I open the door of my apartment, release my cat from the room she spents her day in, throw my bag on the couch and open the envelope. 

What?! Yahoo!!,Am I reading this right?  I'm getting a payraise without having to ask or grubble in the mud for it?  Yeah! oh and a bonus as well.  This makes my day off course especially since I did not expect to get a raise at all.  And here I was thinking all those extra hours went unaccounted for.  Seems management does notice and appreciate after all even if they don't always show it.   This is the first actual payraise I ever got in my life.  I still cannot believe it, but I have it on paper.  YES!! YES!! YES!!

Music Meme

Apr. 10th, 2005 01:00 am
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Because [livejournal.com profile] esteliel was curious

1) Total Volume of music files on my computer?
     About 1.60 GB

2) Last actual, real cd I bought was ... not that long ago, a few months:
    Natalia - This Time

3a) The last song I listened to before I wrote this :
    Baby Mine (from Dumbo)

3b) Song playing right now :
    Chuck Prophet - 110° In The Shade

4) Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me. 
    Hmm, not easy, since taste may vary depending of the moment or the whatever mood I'm in for.  Anyway the next five class among my alltime favourites : 

The Honeymoonkillers  - Fonce à Mort
Violent Femmes - Country Death Song
Gavin Friday  - Rags to Riches
Julia Ecklar - Cutter: Tam's Song
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Forest Fire

5) Passing this on to
[livejournal.com profile] dinalphiel
[Bad username or site: SayAye</a></span> and <span class= @ livejournal.com][livejournal.com profile] jastaelf
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I went to the hairdresser this morning for a haircut and to have my hair dyed for the first time in my life as well. They cut some 20 cm off my hair, which is a whole change. But then it was really getting too long. - Hum, I am typing this with my cat sitting on my lap. - Anyway since it was the first time, I had my hair dyed, I didn't know they dyed it first, then washed your hair and afterward cut it. I can understand the reasoning as in if they wash it and cut it first, then dye it, they would probably have to wash it again to fix the dye, but still it seems a little strange to me to dye parts of my hair that will be cut off afterward anyway. Well I went in at 8.30 am and got out at 12.00 - three hours and a half! it took me three hours and a half to get my hair done. But then it took the girl, who did my hair, 45 minutes just to apply the dye to my hair and then I had to wait another 40 minutes for it to settle. The girl, who did my hair came from Russia. She commented on my speaking dutch really well, so I told her I lived here for 34 years already and told her she spoke quite well too, especially since she was only living here for 5 years. She said she thought dutch to be a difficult language. Well I wouldn't know, since I am used to speaking it, but I suppose it must be.

Anyway I am really tired (got up at 6.00 am this morning) so I think I'll be going to sleep. tomorrow I am going to the fitness, since I didn't go last week.
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I went to the door-day at the local fitnesscentre to check out the new sauna and wellnesscentre. It looks really nice, with several kinds of sauna, a turkish steambath (?)*not sure it is called that way in english and is too lazy to look it up* There will be a roof-terrace and a relax-room and other stuff. The pool was somewhat deceiving as in it not being a real swimming pool. It looked kinda shallow. Above the pool there is this large hole and if you are on the first floor you can look down and see the people swimming in the pool. Of course since everyone looked down the wall, right into the pool, our guide gently remarked that it wasn't a problem today as the sauna was not in use but that normally looking down at the pool was a big No-No, since the dresscode in the sauna is "No-dress-code" meaning nekkid little people, and that they would not appreciate being gawked at from above while relaxing in the pool.

After the little tour, the different kinds of subscriptions were discussed and I must admit they were a little higher than I had thought they would be, especially if I consider the fact that I probably won't be able to make it at least twice a week. So in the end I settled for the light version, meaning I can go sporting once a week or a maximum of 5 times a month. I can go fitness or participate in the group lessons, such as aerobic, step,.... and if I want to go to the sauna I can always just pay for it when I feel like going.

Once a week, I can do that, sure I can. I mean I have been procrastinating last year. Didn't do any sports at all anymore, and I realized I kinda missed it and since I am trying to lose some weight, all help is welcome. But seeing that I'm not sure I could make it at least twice a week, I'll settle for once a week to start with. Plus that gives me a chance to do other things as well, such as ... slashing those pretty little elves.
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Today I went to the snow- and ice-sculpture-exhibition in my hometown with my parents. The central theme was Rubens (the painter) and there were some really nice sculptures to be seen. Those depicting animals and buildings or objects were slightly better than the ones depicting people. Also the icesculptures seemed to keep longer than the snow-sculptures. It was - 5 degrees celsius in there, but I'm guessing with all those people visiting breathing hot air, it probably affects the sculptures.

Near the exit there's a snow-sculpture depicting two naked men together (no slashy scene though seeing that there are children visiting the exhibition) and my mother looks at one of them and tells me it is good the exhibition is only going for one more week because by the end of the week his "family jewels" will probably have melted off. *lol*
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Have lots of fun everybody. Well wishes to all of you!!!
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I went to the store today where I bought my ROTK DVD to exchange it. After clearing a little misunderstanding at the reception desk,the woman behind the counter thought I had only brought the disc with me, she gave me a voucher and told me to go see one of dvd-salespersons. The guy at the dvd-booth was really nice, he immediately took out a new dvd, opened it and we both checked each one of the discs to be sure everything was alright. I have checked and rechecked them at home and couldn't find any scratches on them.
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