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My cat fell of the window from the second floor today.  With the current heat,  the window in the front is open and she would sit and walk on the windowsill now and then.  She was sitting there, when I accidentally banged on the window, which must have startled her.  Next thing I knew, she wasn't on the windowsill anymore but down on the ground.  By the time I got outside she had already entered next door's building trying to get somewhere inside.  I carried her back home, somewhat startled by her little adventure (she's an indoor-only cat).  She seems okay, but is limping slightly, so I'll have to keep an eye on her the following days.  At least it's not broken.  I don't think she'd be walking on it or jumping if it was. 

sad news

Nov. 26th, 2004 06:43 am
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My cat died yesterday evening. He was a seven year old red tabby, named Akira and he died in my laundry basket.

Yesterday afternoon, I still called the vet for his overall blood test results. They weren't good. Apparently he had severe anaemia : he only had half of his red blood corpuscles left in his body. I also learned that when the vet says a test came out positive, it means that it is not good.
Akira had been tested for feline leukemia and f.i.p. (feline infectious peritonitis) Both came out positive.

I won't be hearing his particular whine anymore.
He won't be chewing electric wire anymore.
He won't be doing so many things anymore.
He was a sweet cat. He would so easily defer to his little sister, when they would 'battle' for dominance.

It eases the pain to still have her around. I wonder if she realizes, he isn't here anymore.

And though I am saddened by his loss, I know it is better this way. The vet told me yesterday on the phone there wasn't much they could do at this stage. At least he passed on naturally. I know it is selfish, but I am relieved I did not have to make THAT decision.

I will need to call the vet to ask him what I should do with him now.

Sick cat

Nov. 23rd, 2004 09:08 pm
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Went to pick up my cat this evening at the animal hospital down the road. He's been losing a lot of weight suddenly and I got worried as I could feel every vertebrae on his spine and all of his ribs. So I went to the vet with him on friday for a check-up. Seeing as he couldn't find anything, he wanted to draw some blood for testing, but he also wanted to clean my cat's teeth. So he advised me to bring my cat in on monday-evening to have both the blood test and the dental care done at the same time.

They have tested him on both feline leukemia and feline infectious peritonitis (fip), which both tested positive. I think that means it's good, if I am not mistaken.

They also did an overall (blood-)test as well, but those results will only be in tomorrow, so I will need to call them, tomorrow evening.

Also it seems he's having problems with his stomach, and that might be another cause of why he's so frighteningly thin. So, now I need to give him medication. 2 tablets a day before feeding him. The vet suggested putting it in his food, but since I have two cats, and they don't usually finish their plates and eat from each other plates, that is not an option. Though I might try with a little bit of tuna-salad. I used to be able to just open his mouth, drop the pill in it and he would just swallow. Not anymore.


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