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This afternoon, I wanted to watch the appendices to ROTK, so I put disc 3 in my dvd-reader (on my computer). I start watching it, then suddenly the image stops, starts again, stops again. Then I try to watch it with my PS2, same thing there. I had already noticed there were some indentations at the side of the disc, but when I turned it around, there are scratches on the silver side of the disc. The 4th disc and those with the film on it do not seem to have any scratches on it.

Well tomorrow I will go to the store and try to exchange it for another one.
I hope they won't be too difficult that I'm only bringing the dvd back and not the whole giftbox-set.

But apparently there seems to be a widespread problem here with the SEE DVD as in scratches on the discs or box-sets containing only the appendices or the same disc twice or whatever. On one of the forums discussing the problem someone mentioned that the distribution company had apologized for the mistakes and said that they had been doing their best to have the dvds released on schedule. Well I think, people wouldn't have minded waiting a few extra days if it meant avoiding all the hassle of having to exchange the dvd's for new ones.
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Well the day didn't really start well, this morning. Had to wait nearly half an hour for either tram or bus. Then when the tram finally arrived, I jumped on it, sat myself down and watched through the window to see the bus drive by. F***!!. And to top it, of course, that stupid tram-driver desperately needed to use the "facilities". Gee! Can't those males learn to control their bladder, just as we women do?! Anyway, I got to work right on time, though had to race a little.

Work was okay! I managed to do some preliminary work, seeing that I am on leave next week.

Then, 17.00 hours, time to go home. Went to the store, to look for the extended rotk-dvd. Looked the prices up, then raced towards another store at the far end of town, then raced back to the first store, as the second store didn't carry the gift box set, and the first store gave you a free gollum figurine as an extra. Actually, it's just the gift box set from The Two Towers, they just took out the extended dvd (but that's okay, since I already had it), and left Gollum and the extra Gollum-dvd in it.

So now I am the proud owner of a Gollum-figurine and Minas Tirith.


Dec. 10th, 2004 07:47 am
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ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!! ROTK !!!


IF ONLY IT WAS 5 PM ALREADY SO I COULD GO TO THE STORE.(since I have to work first)

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Today, on December 6th, Saint Nicholas came by at the office bringing us candy. I got a chocolate turtle and a clown, as well as a banana made of marzipan, a Saint Nicholas made of speculaas, some chocolate euro's and a little snow man made of sugar.

Traditionnally, children are supposed to put their shoes in front of the open fire and sing songs. They usually put a carrot inside the shoe for Saint-Nicholas white horse. He's a very special horse, as he can walk on top of the roofs. Saint-Nicholas and his helper Black Piet will come at night and drop toys through the chimney for the good children. The bad children are taken away and put in a big bag to punish them. You can easily notice children getting on their best behaviour as Saint-Nicholas approaches and then slowly slipping back to being naughty once he's been there. Of course most people would never be as cruel as to deny a child some candy and/or a little toy.

Oh and since there's only like four more days until the release of the extended version of Return of The King, I'll consider that my own personal Saint-Nicholas/Christmas gift.

Have just eaten my little sugar snowman. That was pure sugar, all sugar, couldn't eat two of those in a row, but still quite yummie.
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] dinalphiel


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Is there a hidden message in there? As in getting 'ODD' three times.

sad news

Nov. 26th, 2004 06:43 am
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My cat died yesterday evening. He was a seven year old red tabby, named Akira and he died in my laundry basket.

Yesterday afternoon, I still called the vet for his overall blood test results. They weren't good. Apparently he had severe anaemia : he only had half of his red blood corpuscles left in his body. I also learned that when the vet says a test came out positive, it means that it is not good.
Akira had been tested for feline leukemia and f.i.p. (feline infectious peritonitis) Both came out positive.

I won't be hearing his particular whine anymore.
He won't be chewing electric wire anymore.
He won't be doing so many things anymore.
He was a sweet cat. He would so easily defer to his little sister, when they would 'battle' for dominance.

It eases the pain to still have her around. I wonder if she realizes, he isn't here anymore.

And though I am saddened by his loss, I know it is better this way. The vet told me yesterday on the phone there wasn't much they could do at this stage. At least he passed on naturally. I know it is selfish, but I am relieved I did not have to make THAT decision.

I will need to call the vet to ask him what I should do with him now.

Sick cat

Nov. 23rd, 2004 09:08 pm
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Went to pick up my cat this evening at the animal hospital down the road. He's been losing a lot of weight suddenly and I got worried as I could feel every vertebrae on his spine and all of his ribs. So I went to the vet with him on friday for a check-up. Seeing as he couldn't find anything, he wanted to draw some blood for testing, but he also wanted to clean my cat's teeth. So he advised me to bring my cat in on monday-evening to have both the blood test and the dental care done at the same time.

They have tested him on both feline leukemia and feline infectious peritonitis (fip), which both tested positive. I think that means it's good, if I am not mistaken.

They also did an overall (blood-)test as well, but those results will only be in tomorrow, so I will need to call them, tomorrow evening.

Also it seems he's having problems with his stomach, and that might be another cause of why he's so frighteningly thin. So, now I need to give him medication. 2 tablets a day before feeding him. The vet suggested putting it in his food, but since I have two cats, and they don't usually finish their plates and eat from each other plates, that is not an option. Though I might try with a little bit of tuna-salad. I used to be able to just open his mouth, drop the pill in it and he would just swallow. Not anymore.
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Guess what this clip promote. (Sorry the quality isn't very good but still...)*lol*

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And another one

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I did not want to know. Didn't want to listen to the news. I had my hopes up and at the same time I was afraid. Sadly, I was right to be afraid. I am sorry you will have to cope with Bush for another 4 years. Maybe the fact that this will be his last mandate might ease the pain just a little - small consolation, I know.

According to several polls, most of Europe would have voted Kerry. But then most of us think differently than do apparently a lot of Americans. We would not forgive our politicians for lying about such important issues as : Iraq, mass destruction weapons, ... especially if that meant sending our youth to their death.

But that is probably the biggest mistake Bush is making. No the rest of the world does not think alike, Mr Bush. And mostly, the rest of the world does not like to be told how and what they should think. See that's why you're having a hard time in Iraq. They do not want to become America's vasal or little sidekick in the Middle-East. You want to impose your view, your moral standards there and that is not how it works. Yes they are entitled to democracy and freedom, but it must be their democracy and their freedom, based upon their values. They will probably stumble and fall a lot of times and rise again, but in the end they will learn. You simply cannot impose your views on others, it is just not done.

These are evil times and I do not believe that Bush will change his ways. He has had 4 years to do so or at least to soften up a little and he didn't. See each time Bush says that oh so well-known little phrase: "God bless America", I just think : "And fuck the rest of the world" and I know the other presidents used to say that as well, but when they did, I never felt threatened by it.

Also as a happy slasher, I am sorry for those of you who are gay and living in America. To have your hopes of making your commitment to each other official crashed in such an overwhelming way. I heard on the news that millions of right-wing christians came out en masse to vote for Bush and say "No" to gay marriages and abortions.

I feel sorry for you guys and at the same time I am selfishly happy that I do not live in the USA. And no my home-country is by no means perfect, it has many flaws, but at least it does recognise and admit those.
See if I want to, I can even stay clear of the US for the next 4 years. There are so many other countries I could go visiting whilst on holiday. And that would free me of the 'humiliation' of having my pictures and my fingerprints taken just to go on holiday in America. No, I am no criminal and I do not intend to kill the president or any other person for that matter, so I do not feel I need to be treated like one.

I do hope one day America will come to it senses.
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I went to the annual book-fair this morning. When I arrived there was a mass of people waiting to get in. So many people, so many books. Actually too many people too many books. You couldn't get a proper look at the books so I tried and pushed my way around. Oh and why do people walk so slowly when at a fair and why do they have to stop and stand right in the middle of the alley? *Gack*

Discovered "The Origins of Tolkien's Middle-Earth for Dummies" Those "Dummies-books sure tackle everything.

Bought "The Hobbit" and "The Silmarillion" in english. Sadly there was only one non-dutch bookstand. But well at least there was one english bookstand.
Actually I was going for some picture-books about LOTR, but couldn't find any.

Also noticed a lot of erotic novels, picturebooks and the likes. Looked for some slashy books, but couldn't find any.

Decided to renew my subscription to the public library once it opens again. See the local library is okay, but their collection is quite limited and they only have dutch books or translated books. Also they have a nice collection of vids, dvd's (you can hire about 5 vids/dvds for a month for only 1 euro/vid-dvd) and cd's.

The only negative points are:
1. you have to pay for subscription and since I know live outside of town it will
cost me more.
2. the new library is situated in a neighborhood, that's been known for its
prostitutes, street-fights, drunkards, drug-addicts,... Yeah you know, just the
right neighborhood to put up a library.
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Bought myself the Lord Of The Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Soundtrack today. All three soundtracks in a boxset.

Am now (im)patiently awaiting the release of the EE-DVD of The Return of The King.

Did also buy season seven of BVTS. Have all seven seasons now on DVD. Now need to find some time to watch them.
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So work today again was hectic to say the least. Still need some documents and phoned the client. Well they would take a look at it and send them to me. Haven't seen anything as of yet. So will start badgering that particular client tomorrow morning (as well as several others). Also was supposed to get a list with certain data on, which of course I didn't receive. See, my boss wasn't at the office today, so ... I had kinda expected I wouldn't receive the list.
Tomorrow we're having a lunch-meeting. Am curious at what's gonna be said. Ah well we're getting free food and drinks.

On a lighter note, bought myself the first book of a series which is entitled Love and Lust. First book is 'Henry and June' from Anais Nin. It's graciously being offered by a local newspaper and an insurance company. Amongst others, the series also includes: 'L'histoire d'O' by Pauline Réage, 'The Lover' by Marguerite Duras, '120 Days of Sodom' by D.A.F. de Sade and many others.

Have taken up reading again, as it had been quite some time since I had read my last book, as in no time to read. Now I read on my way to and from work when I'm on the bus or tram. It's only an hour each day, but at least now I get to read those books I bought some years ago at this book-fair and have been gathering dust ever since.

Am currently reading: 'Daddy's gone a-hunting' by Nancy Baker Jacobs
Have already read : 'The Andromeda Strain' by Michael Crichton (I like him a lot)
'The Flip Side of Life' by James E. Martin
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Yesterday as I was going to work I got off the bus at Central Station. Crossing the street I cast a glance at the chinese "lions" (guarding the entrance to the part of town which is known as Chinatown), especially the one on the right, who obviously is supposed to be male. "Oh my God!".


I had no idea animal statues were depicted in a anatomically correct way. Well, I guess I know now.


Sep. 4th, 2004 05:55 pm
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Today, I went to a colleague's wedding. Nothing fancy, just the ceremony at City Hall and then a drink and a little snack at their local pub. There were a lot of people attending: both colleagues and friends and family. She wore a nice black dress (Yes I know, not really an obvious colour for a wedding, but still it suited her very well) and her wife-to-be wore a beige-coloured dress. They were both beaming and looked very nice.
The ceremony at City Hall took longer than I had expected, but not because it was dragging on. I guess, there weren't really that many weddings today, so the mayor could allow more time to each couple. I couldn't really hear much of what the mayor was telling though except you can guess of course. After the ceremony rings were exchanged as well as the obligatory Kiss. Then it was finished, and we all went to the local pub to celebrate. I had a few drinks and a little snack and went home with a colleague, who drove with me to the wedding. We will definitely be talking about the wedding on monday.

Okay, and now I'm hungry. So I'll feed my cats first and then I'll make myself some capellini bolognaise with rasped cheese. Mmmmmmmm ! Yummie !
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Well I've finally gotten round to watching Troy. Yes, I know, everyone probably already saw Troy billions of time but I hadn't yet. I had planned on seeing it before, but couldn't find the time nor the people to go with. Everyone I'd asked would have already seen it, so I decided to go on my own.

Okay, I do not regret it one bit. I mean how could one, if the first scene with Brad Pitt involves him lying naked, draped over some girl? And you get to see a glimpse of his buttocks? Yummie !! Ah and that's not the only scene featuring Brad's nekkid buttocks. And I do not want to hear anyone say that those were not Brad's buttocks, but a stand-in. I do not want to hear it. (closes her ears against stupid rumours). Anyway, I loved him as Achilles, the proud, arrogant warrior, who would not bow for anyone, especially not a greedy king, bent on world domination.

Orlando ? Mmm, what can I say. Orlando is a cutie ( although didn't get to see his buttocks - *pouts ), that's for sure, but I did not really like him as Paris. They kinda made him look like the stupid, spoiled little prince, who'd start whining as soon as he gets a cut (Paris clamping Hector's leg at the duel). Oh well, Orlando will always be Legolas, the elf to me.

Oh and then there's Boromir, I mean Sean Bean. Funny isn't it like you can sometimes recognise a character from another movie in an actor just by the way he would act or speak. There really were some times where I was thinking: "Hey that's not Odysseus, that's Boromir, what's he doing there?"

Last but not least: Eric Bana. I must confess I did not really know him, but ... well I'm glad I do now.

Well, I did enjoy the movie. What more can I say.


Aug. 27th, 2004 10:10 pm
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Shrek 2

Aug. 21st, 2004 09:43 pm
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So, I went to see Shrek 2 today with my 10-year old nephew for his belated birthday. I had actually planned to go see the newest Harry Potter (aka The Prisoner of Azkaban) with him but someone else beat me to it. After that it was gonna be either Shrek 2 or Troy. (Yes, I know, kind of a strange choice, but then this is a 10-year old's choice). Of course, I kinda was hoping for Troy (well with Brad Pitt and Orli and ....well fine-legged men with skirts, who could resist that). But alas, it became Shrek 2 as Troy was only being screened at 20.45 which was obviously too late for a 10-year old.
Ah well, I do not regret seeing Shrek 2 however. I just loved Puss-in-Boots, poor Puss, he just looks so adorable when he's sad. Must see Shrek 1 as I have only seen part of that movie, so I was kinda confused when Fiona turned out to be an ogress at the start of the movie. When did that happen (yeah yeah, probably round the end of the first movie, I guessed that much, thank you).

Oh and I ended up with 2 discount tickets, each worth 5 Euros valid from 1 to 14 september, so I guess I might go watch Troy then and maybe some other movie as well. It would be a shame not to use those tickets.

Also I finally bought myself a new phone. It's a cordless one, so I won't have to keep standing each time someone calls me or I'm calling. I had been having troubles with my old phone before, but lately my answering machine would just start, without me having heard the phone ringing. And of course nobody ever speaks into the damn machine, so you never know who's calling anyway.
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I went to the vet today with my ginger tomcat as he looked quite ill. Runny nose and eyes and seemingly feeling somewhat under the weather. Conclusion = Cat Influenza. He spent a fortnight at the animal shelter (as I was on holiday) together with my other cat (a female) and must have caught it there, even though he had been vaccinated. I was given some pills and some salve for his eyes. He really does look poorly lying there in his basket, with his nose running all the time. And you cannot make them blow their nose like you would a child, can you? The vet said my other cat will probably catch it as well and that apart from giving medication there really wasn't much to be done than wait it out.
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Today was another hectic day at work. Problems everywhere, customers complaining about this and that, people getting on each other's nerves. Yesterday I worked 'till 1900 hours. Today I worked non-stop 'till 1830 hours. I still have a lot of work and fear that tomorrow will be awfull. Ah well, I guess in times like these I should be glad I have a job. But sometimes 'trop c'est trop' too much is too much. When I tell my parents, they're like: "It's good to have a lot of work" and I think : "Well yeah, but what's so good about having so much work that you can't even eat lunch properly, throw away half your uneaten lunch, get home so late in the evening you don't even cook anymore, but instead eat fast-food or microwaved ready-to-eat food. Last sunday I cooked, for the first time in several weeks. Made myself spaghetti with minced meat, opened a jar of tomatosauce and threw some cheese over it. Not that that requires much cooking.

And so on top of all the work we're already having, this evening I'm getting a little mail from one of the managers saying: "Good news, as from now we are able to provide yet another service to our customers" and all I can think of is :"Duh, great, more work"

I seem to recall having had a week holiday last week. Hmm, only three more weeks to go and I'll be having three weeks holiday. Looking forward to that ... already dreading having to return to work afterwards.
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Well, I got myself a LiveJournal or LJ for short. Don't really know how it will evolve but, it looked like fun having one.

Yesterday, me and a friend went to a Violent Femmes concert in my hometown. They played at this little theater and it was just awesome. Have been a fan since discovering them in highschool. Victor De Lorenzo was sooo funny, though the others were great as well. It was the first time we got to see them but I'm hoping it won't be the last. And it was nice to hear all those favorite songs live. I had lots of fun and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Getting up at 6.00 am for work was less enjoyable though. Oh please, cannot open those little sleepy-eyes as fast as I used to, anymore. Mmm, where was the time I could party till 3.00 in the morning and wake up at 7.00 feeling ready to bounce through the day. Am getting old.
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