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Yesterday night was the premiere of the "last" Star Wars movie : Star Wars, Episode III : Revenge of the Sith.  The midnightscreening was a huge success: apparently more than 17.000 people attended the movie.  That's more people attending one screening than there are attending 4 screenings during a whole day for a 'regular big american production'   Earnings for one midnightscreening of Star Wars : about 112.000 Euro gross.  Compared to that Kingdom of Heaven 'only' made a mere 100.000 Euro in a whole day.   Not bad either, I would say.  Well I still have to go and see the movie.  'Kingdom of Heaven' that is.  And since I am not that big of a Star Wars fan I will probably just wait for the movie to get out on dvd and rent it at that moment.   A thought just crossed my mind : When the last LOTR-movie Return of The King came out in the movietheatres, they held a Marathon-session, showing all three movies one after the other.  And now I'm wondering whether they might do that for the Star Wars movies as well : all three or even all six movies.  Guess that would really make the die-hard fans go crazy. 

Last weekend I bought the first season of 'Charmed' on dvd.  I really love that show and was recently wondering when it would be out on dvd.  I did stumble onto it quite by accident.  I hadn't attended that particular shop since ages, actually I hadn't been shopping in town for ages either.  Before, I used to go window-shopping in town each and every weekend. 

On another note, I am going to Sweden with my niece, this summer (about 10 days) for the holidays.  Anybody having any recommendations as to (relatively cheap) accomodations, sightseeings, catering, ...  I went to Stockholm a few years ago with a group and stayed there for about 3 days, but we would like to go traveling about Sweden or at least a part of it.
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