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*head-desk-head-desk (repeat endlessly)*
Argh!  Damn! How could I have been so stupid and forgetful.  I've had the opportunity to download 10 songs or an entire album legally and for free every two months this year, courtesy of my internet provider.  But off course I kept forgetting about it until I recently mentioned it to my niece. 
So, 1 week ago I finally started downloading some random songs, ended up with a saldo of 10 credits.  (I need 99 credits per song or 999 credits for a whole album).  And after downloading those songs, I discovered an album I would so love to have (I own it's vinyl counterpart).  Well, I thought no big deal, I'll just wait for my credits to get back to 1000.  So this morning I have a look at the site; nope - no change in the amount of credits; still only 10 credits.  And then I see that this promotion only lasts until the end of this year. 
Argh ! Argh!
*hopes maybe her provider will extend the promotion with another year - crosses fingers*

Ai and my brain must look like swiss cheese (with lots of holes) at the moment. I was planning to go to town this afternoon, since I needed some photos to be printed. So off I am to the tram and once there I get on. I start checking my bag to see if I have everything I need. Guess what's missing... the film off course. Grrr! Well I got off the tram and went home. I'll get into town tomorrow, instead.


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