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It has been snowing this evening.  It started slowly around six o'clock and gradually it became worse.  Luckily, my niece and I were inside being warm and eating noodles at some kind of japanese fastfood.  But the view was awesome, especially with the wind blowing and the snowflakes flying horizontally.  Off course those who were outside struggling to get through would probably disagree, but I like to watch the snow fall.  There was even some snow on my terrace and I tried to lure my cat in the snow but she wasn't really in for it.  Pity she doesn't know what's fun. 

I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this evening.  The original version with subtitles off course.  There is a dubbed version as well, but that's more for the little kids, who don't understand english that well yet.  Oh and it is 'children allowed', which is the same as a G-rating I think.  I guess it's up to the parents to see whether their children can watch the movie or not, though I do admit that this one is quite gloomy and frightening sometimes, but I did not look away or hide under the covers at any moment (like I might have if I had been home alone). 

My niece asked me this evening if I watched Lost, so I told her I was taping it, since I cannot always watch on monday evening.  I also told her I had only watched the first two episodes upto now and still needed to see the other ones.  She asked me how I could just do that, since she just couldn't wait for monday evening to come and watch the next episode.  I said to her : 'discipline, girl, lots and lots of discipline'. *g*  This monday is the second last episode (actually they are two episodes each time) and a Lost-special before that. (I'm planning to watch it this weekend, maybe on sunday) And on monday the 5th of December we'll have the great finale : three hours of Lost. 


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