Apr. 16th, 2005

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Well I intended to write this entry yesterday evening since it all happened yesterday, but I was too tired. (still am now by the way)

So yesterday-morning I'm dragging myself off to work and when I arrive at the bus/tram-stop, the tram departs right in front of my eyes, but no worries since there's a bus and I jump on that one.  I take a seat and the ride goes ever so smoothly.  Suddenly the busdriver stops.  Huh?!  Why does he stop here? There's no busstop here and the traffic light is several metres ahead of us.   Come on! Come on! Get moving please, I am already running late for work as it is.  Finally the bus starts moving and then I realise what's been holding us up.  A barrier, a f***ing barrier, put up there to prevent the cardrivers from using the bus-lane.  See at the moment they have started the second phase of the rebuilding of the Ring, which means traffic-jams everywhere.  Public transportation has its own lanes so they can get around smoothly everywhere without too much hassle.   But the cardrivers get stuck in those trafficjams and off course some of them are too impatient and try to use the bus-lanes.  When that happens a barrier goes down.  Okay I can understand the reasoning, but surely not when people need to get to the office in time.   Anyway I did make it on time, it was around 8.57 and I have to be there before 9.00. 

The rest of the day went well and then I suddenly had the bright idea, to tackle a little project.  I'll quickly do this one and get it over with, I told myself.  Yeah right!  Oh the input in the computer didn't take that long, I used some copy and paste, but then the lay-out.  Jeezes?!  I have tried several times untill I finally got it right.  It was around 1930 when I left the office.  

Walking the distance from the office to the busstation, I get on the bus as it drives away.  Some moments later we turn around the corner to a busstop and there's a car parked right on the buslane.  The driver gets out and walks inside the building.  Meanwhile some chinese lady wants to get off the bus but the busdriver keeps the doors shut.  she goes to the front hoping to get off there, then he opens the back-doors.  She gets off the bus and we're all stuck in the bus since the driver makes no move to depart.  A few moments later the cardriver gets out of the building and as he walks over to his car, the busdriver starts the bus and drives along the car, ripping of the leftside mirror and nearly crushing the guy's toes.   He looks at the damage, comes up to the bus and says to the busdriver: "You're gonna pay for this"
"Nope" said the busdriver "You are going to pay".  So they both start to make calls, to whomever it is and there's a police-station just around the corner.   So I'm sitting there waiting and turning backwards now and then to see if another bus passes by which can take me home as well.  Yes! there it is and I run off the bus together with two other girls, wave at the driver who is nice enough to stop a few metres ahead.  I jump on the bus  and thank her.  The rest of the ride goes smoothly, I go to the library and return the cd's I rented and go to the local burgerrestaurant for a burger and some fries. 

Then I finally head home.  I open my letterbox and find the usual trash  (publicity and so) and an envelope from the company I work at.  I know it cannot be my resignation, as it is not registered mail, but still I am a little apprehensive.  We've had some new rules at work, like a dress-code and other stuff.  So maybe it's to tell me my clothing doesn't fit company standards?  Arriving upstairs, I open the door of my apartment, release my cat from the room she spents her day in, throw my bag on the couch and open the envelope. 

What?! Yahoo!!,Am I reading this right?  I'm getting a payraise without having to ask or grubble in the mud for it?  Yeah! oh and a bonus as well.  This makes my day off course especially since I did not expect to get a raise at all.  And here I was thinking all those extra hours went unaccounted for.  Seems management does notice and appreciate after all even if they don't always show it.   This is the first actual payraise I ever got in my life.  I still cannot believe it, but I have it on paper.  YES!! YES!! YES!!


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