Jan. 23rd, 2005

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I went to the door-day at the local fitnesscentre to check out the new sauna and wellnesscentre. It looks really nice, with several kinds of sauna, a turkish steambath (?)*not sure it is called that way in english and is too lazy to look it up* There will be a roof-terrace and a relax-room and other stuff. The pool was somewhat deceiving as in it not being a real swimming pool. It looked kinda shallow. Above the pool there is this large hole and if you are on the first floor you can look down and see the people swimming in the pool. Of course since everyone looked down the wall, right into the pool, our guide gently remarked that it wasn't a problem today as the sauna was not in use but that normally looking down at the pool was a big No-No, since the dresscode in the sauna is "No-dress-code" meaning nekkid little people, and that they would not appreciate being gawked at from above while relaxing in the pool.

After the little tour, the different kinds of subscriptions were discussed and I must admit they were a little higher than I had thought they would be, especially if I consider the fact that I probably won't be able to make it at least twice a week. So in the end I settled for the light version, meaning I can go sporting once a week or a maximum of 5 times a month. I can go fitness or participate in the group lessons, such as aerobic, step,.... and if I want to go to the sauna I can always just pay for it when I feel like going.

Once a week, I can do that, sure I can. I mean I have been procrastinating last year. Didn't do any sports at all anymore, and I realized I kinda missed it and since I am trying to lose some weight, all help is welcome. But seeing that I'm not sure I could make it at least twice a week, I'll settle for once a week to start with. Plus that gives me a chance to do other things as well, such as ... slashing those pretty little elves.


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